Mushroom Growers Handbook 2 - Shiitake cultivation

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Mushroom Growers Handbook 2 - Shiitake cultivation

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Mushroom Growers Handbook 2 - Shiitake cultivation


Lae alla terve raamat ühes failis, või sirvi peatükkide kaupa:

Part I. Shiitake

Chapter 1. What is Shiitake

What is Shiitake
Nutritional and Medicinal Values of Shiitake
Illustrated Guide to Shiitake Cultivation

Chapter 2. Shiitake spawn and Strain

Shiitake_Spawn Preparation Chiefly with Sawdust
Improvement of_Spawn for Cultivation in Alternative Substrates
Preservation of Shiitake_Spawn Stocks by Cryogenic Storage

Chapter 3. Shiitake Log Cultivation

Shiitake Log Cultivation
Shiitake Log Cultivation in Brazil
Shiitake Log Cultivation in Nepal

Chapter 4. Shiitake Bag Cultivation

Shiitake Bag Cultivation
Alternative_Substrate for Shiitake
Coffee Residues
Sunflower Seed Hulls
Wheat Straw
Shiitake Bag Cultivation in Thailand
Shiitake Bag Cultivation in China
Farm Diary for Shiitake Bag Cultivation

Chapter 5. Pest and Disease Management of Shiitake

Biology and Control of Pests and Diseases in Shiitake Log Cultivation
Pest and Disease Management in Shiitake Bag Cultivation

Chapter 6. Shiitake Growing House

Shiitake Growing Houses in Thailand and Their Management
Shiitake Growing Houses-Korean Cases

Chapter 7. Shiitake Post Harvest

Recycling Spent Shiitake Substrate
Processing of Shiitake
Considerations Related to Farm Management and Marketing

Part II. Mushrooms for Better Life

Chapter 8. Mushroom for a Living

Coprinus Mushroom Cultivation in Thailand
Agaricus blazei Cultivation for a Living in Brazil
Small Scale Oyster Mushroom Cultivation in Egypt

Chpater 9. Mushroom Growing Project

Pilot Mushroom Cultivation Project in Nepal
Mushroom Growing Project in Colombia

Part III. Mushroom Worldwide

Chapter 10. Regional Studies

Mushroom Growing in Lao PDR
Mushrooms and Cultivation of Mushrooms in Vietnam