Mushroom Growers Handbook 1 - Oyster cultivation

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Mushroom Growers Handbook 1 - Oyster cultivation

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Mushroom Growers Handbook 1 - Oyster mushroom cultivation


Lae alla terve raamat ühes failis, või sirvi peatükkide kaupa:

Part I. Mushroom

Chapter 1. Introduction to Mushroom

What is mushroom
Why grow mushrooms

Chapter 2. Mushroom Growing for a Living Worldwide

Mushroom Cultivation to make Living in NEPAL
Poverty Alleviation by Mushroom Growing in ZIMBABWE
Mushroom Growing in INDIA
Mushroom Growing in NORTHERN THAILAND
Mushroom Project in SWAZILAND

Part II. Oyster Mushroom

Chapter 3. Introduction to Oyster Mushroom

What is Oyster Mushroom
Illustrated Guide to Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

Chapter 4. Spawn

Descriptions of Commercially Important Pleurotus Species
How to Make Oyster Mushroom Grain_Spawn in a Simple Way

Chapter 5. Substrate

Agricultural Wastes as Substrates for Oyster Mushroom
Cereal_Straw and Corncobs
Coco Lumber Sawdust
Sunflower Seed Hulls
Grass (Juncao)
Cottonseed Hulls
Sugarcane Bagasse
Rubber Tree Sawdust
Groundnut Shells
Non-Sterilized Wheat_Straw

Chapter 6. Growing Houses

Mushroom Growing Houses

Chapter 7. Cultivation Modes

Log Cultivation
Bag Cultivation
Shelf Cultivation
Bottle Cultivation

Chapter 8. Pest and Disease Management

Green Mold and Hypocrea Disease
Brown Blotch Diseases
Viral Disease
Abnormalities in fruiting Body

Chpater 9. Post-harvest Management

Recycling of Spent Oyster Mushroom Substrate
Mushroom Storage and Processing

Part III. Mushroom Worldwide

Chapter 10. Regional Research

Mushroom Cultivation in KENYA
Mushroom Industry in ZIMBABWE
Mushroom Cultivation in ZIMBABWE
Mushroom Cultivation in UGANDA

Chapter 11. Mushrooms for the Tropics

Growing Ganoderma Mushrooms
Growing Shiitake Mushrooms
Growing Paddy_Straw Mushrooms
Growing Pleurotus tuberregium

Part IV. Information Sources

Chapter 12. Mushroom Cultivation Information Sources

Recommended Books
Recommended Websites